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"My initial conversations with Nameet and his team at First Agro have left a lasting impression. It is such a paradox that we force our children to eat more and more of veggies that are inseparably ridden with dangerous toxins. My visits to First Agro farms made me realize the quantum of seriousness, disciple and passion with which they have been grown zero pesticide and non GMO veggies. I have been a regular consumer of their veggies and salads thereafter. It gives me satisfaction that I am doing my bit towards a healthier life - of mine and my near ones."
Prabhanjan Deshpande 'PD'
Marketing and Communications Transformation Leader, Bangalore
"The quality of the vegetables from First Agro is exceptional. We get a deep sense of protection due to the complete absence of pesticides and the quality control. But beyond that each vegetable is packed with delicious flavour and has real character. I have been so sick of bland radish, mushy cauliflower and massive tasteless bright orange carrots from the market. The fresh, natural colours and pure flavours of First Agro’s vegetables are a total delight."
Achala Srivatsa
"I have been a regular buyer of First Agro’s vegetables, especially the tomatoes and salad leaves. The taste of their zero pesticide non-GMO products are exceptional and I recommend them to the chefs of my favourite restaurants to adopt."
Devesh Agarwal
"I have been a consumer of First Agro's zero pesticide and non GMO produce and it greatly matches my principles of eating healthy. The peace of mind that I obtain whenever I provide my family food that is safe, is truly priceless and I consider myself fortunate to have access to such a variety of utterly gorgeous vegetables."
Caroline Martis Radhakrishnan
"First Agro is a dream come true for a city dweller like me. Their produce is impeccable with variety and flavour. I don't even cook most of them, they are best consumed as salads! I'm a big fan of their arugula and heirloom tomatoes! Non GMO ,zero pesticides and the producers personal care and accountability sets them apart and is an investment towards our heathy future .First Agro is my go to place for all things veggies."
Katherene Deborah Abel