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Direct Home Delivery

Direct ‘Farm to Home’ delivery by authorized distributors


Food Safety

First Agro’s Zero Pesticide™ and Non-GMO fresh produce.


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Hundred plus varieties of Exotic and Indian vegetables & fruits

a few words about us

Sakura Fresh is India’s first ‘farm to fork’ initiative, connecting you to the clean and safe fresh produce, making it healthier for your family and a sustainable environment. Sakura Fresh is a Food Services division of First Agro, a reputed commercial grower of Zero Pesticide™ and Non-GMO fresh produce in India. 

Though a start-up, we have behind us the legacy of First Agro and stay true to the values of Trust, Integrity and Quality products. And that is the essence of why Sakura Fresh was launched - you can be rest assured that only the highest quality Zero Pesticide™ and Non-GMO fresh produce, packed and delivered in the most hygienic conditions directly to your home from the First Agro’s farm. 

Your order will be invoiced and delivered by our authorised distributors across Bangalore, ensuring only the freshest and the best is delivered to your kitchen. To ensure farm freshness, deliveries are thrice a week every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

We have made a humble beginning by delivering to selected locations in Bangalore and will increase our coverage in coming months. We are grateful and excited that you have chosen to join us on our journey. Team Sakura Fresh shall always strive to live up to your expectations and stay true to our promise.

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"My initial conversations with Nameet and his team at First Agro have left a lasting impression. It is such a paradox that we force our children to eat more and more of veggies that are inseparably ridden with dangerous toxins. My visits to First Agro farms made me realize the quantum of seriousness, disciple and passion with which they have been grown zero pesticide and non GMO veggies. I have been a regular consumer of their veggies and salads thereafter. It gives me satisfaction that I am doing my bit towards a healthier life - of mine and my near ones."
Prabhanjan Deshpande 'PD'
Marketing and Communications Transformation Leader, Bangalore

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Nameet M
Co-founder & Director,Business Unit Head, Chef-Garden and Sakura Fresh
Co-founder & Director