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Delivery Information

Product images that you see on our Website are for representation only to enable you to get fair idea about the products you want to order. The actual product could vary in terms of appearance, packaging etc. The product images and description provided on the website are on “As-Is”basis and without warranties of any kind expressed or implied. All information is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed and subject to change.

The prices mentioned in this website are per packet or punnet. As of now, all delivery of products will be on a Cash On Delivery by our authorised distributor based on your order. You have an option of payment using bank transfer (NEFT) or BHIM application for electronic payment after delivery based on the invoice value.

All deliveries made as per your orders placed shall be subject to delivery charges as decided by First Agro from time to time plus government taxes as applicable. All deliveries will be handled and billed by an authorised distributor as stated on our Website. First Agro reserves the right to change its delivery charges from time to time. Any changes in the delivery charges shall be posted on our website. Delivery will be made to the address specified by you during the order. Our authorised distributor will make a prior telephone call on the designated telephone / mobile number to intimate the delivery schedule and approximate time of arrival. You are responsible for ensuring that someone is present at the delivery address to receive and pay for deliveries at the specified time of delivery. Anyone at the delivery address who receives the delivery is conclusively presumed to be authorized to receive and pay for the order. If you are not at home or unavailable when we reach, we will schedule a re-delivery for you at an additional delivery charge.

We will deliver your order to the main entrance of the delivery address.We always reserve the right to deliver only to the main entrance of the delivery address. We shall not be liable directly or indirectly for any special request by you to our delivery associate to deliver the order to any other place than the main entrance of the delivery address.

We have a no questions returns policy at the time of delivery. Which means you can return any product not to your satisfaction to our Distributor at the time of home delivery.

First Agro is a commercial grower and cultivates all its Zero Pesticide™and Non-GMO fresh produce at its own farm. This ensures that we are able to give you the safe, right quality and freshness when we deliver the products to your doorstep. Post-delivery, a lot depends on when and how you store and consume the products. Therefore, we are unable to accept any returns after delivery. It is important that you check and inspect all products at the time of delivery by our distributor. First Agro does not hold any responsibility and liability with respect to the usage of the products delivered.


There is a minimum order value of Indian Rupees 250 for every order placed by customer. Delivery charges are as follows:
  • Order value less than Rs.1,000/- : Delivery charge of Rs.50/- per delivery
  • Order value of Rs.1,000/- and above : Free delivery
Delivery charge is payable directly to our distributor at the time of delivery and invoicing.