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Red Cabbage

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Red Cabbage is distinguished by its colouring, texture and flavour. Wrapped in tightly wound waxy leaves, the leaves are more violet and burgundian versus true red. The concentration of anthocyanin polyphenols in Red Cabbage provide far greater health benefits - the anthocyanins act as dietary antioxidants, as digestive aids, as an anti-inflammatory, and they have potentially protective, preventative, and therapeutic roles in a number of human diseases. Red Cabbage is popular in European and New World culinary landscape. It is used in preparations both raw and cooked. It is often pickled fresh and made into sauerkraut. Red cabbage is complimented by varying textures and flavours rich, bold and spicy, such as stewed and grilled meats, cream, olive oil, butter, eggs and cheeses, avocados and chillis. Other companion ingredients include citrus, nuts, garlic, shelling beans, wheat farro, sausages, mushrooms, ginger, fennel, shallots and light-bodied vinegars. A Zero Pesticideā„¢ and Non-GMO produce from First Agro.

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