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Anaheim Hot Pepper

Rs.40.00 (Rs.40.00 per Pack)
  • Brand: First Agro
  • Packing: Unit packet
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First Agro’s Xanadu Anaheim Chilli is an exotic chilli and a North American cultivar. Anaheim’s are elongated curved lime green chilli and their mild, sweet flavour, the skin is waxy, glossy and semi thick. Cooked Anaheim chilies, whether slow roasted or grilled obtain a depth of rich, sweet and tangy flavours. Anaheim chilies can be used in sauces, stews, as a vegetable in a side dish or eaten as an appetizer or first course. Anaheim chilies pair well with aged cheeses, fresh young cheeses, pork, poultry, corn, tomatoes, eggs, black beans, and spices such as cumin and coriander. A Zero Pesticide™ and Non-GMO produce from First Agro.

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