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Pleasant, delicate sweet flavoured - resembling a giant green onion, First Agro’s Leeks have a bright white stalk and long, overlapping green leaves. Leeks are cylindrical leafy stalks and are considered to be the sweetest, most mild members of the onion family. Slowly cook sliced leeks in olive oil and butter until soft, then toss with beans and pasta. Cook with potatoes and vegetable broth, the puree for a classic potato-leek soup. Slow-cook with butter and cream and serve with seafood such as seared scallops. Grill whole or halved leeks and serve as a started or topping for Bruschetta. Braise in wine and vegetable stalk until very tender, then top with a mustard-based vinaigrette. Grown for the first time in India by First Agro as a Zero Pesticide™ and Non-GMO produce.

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