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Italian Lemon

Rs.25.00 (Rs.25.00 per Unit)
  • Brand: First Agro
  • Packing: Pack of 135 to 150 grams
  • Availability: Out Of Stock


First Agro’s Italian Lemons are versatile and can be added to a wide variety of dishes across almost every cuisine. Add juice or zest to soups, dips, mayonnaise and whipped cream. Cook whole lemon slices into marmalade or cook with eggs and butter into curd. Pack lemon slices in salt to preserve. Flavour cakes, breads or scones. Juice fresh lemons and combine with sugar and water to make lemonade, add to cocktails or freeze into granita. Mix with oil for a vinaigrette. A Zero Pesticide™ and Non-GMO produce from First Agro.

Italian Lemon picture is for representation purpose only - actual lemons may differ due to climatic and other environmental reasons.

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