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Cilantro Edible Flowers

Rs.50.00 (Rs.50.00 per Unit)
  • Brand: First Agro
  • Packing: 5 flower stems/bunch
  • Availability: In Stock


Our Cilantro flowers are edible and are petite whitish-pink flowers in clusters called umbels. Cilantro flowers offer a similar flavour to the cilantro leaves, however are more pungent, aromatic and earthy. Cilantro flowers should always be used fresh, never dried. The blossoms may be used alongside the leaves in most recipes or as a substitution for a milder flavour. They have a cooling effect on spicy dishes and lift richer flavours. Pair the flowers with ingredients such as avocado, carrots, zucchini, tomato, coconut milk, citrus, ginger, mint, lemongrass, hot peppers, yogurt, chicken, lamb and white fish. First Agro Cilantro Flowers are shipped as 5 flower stems per bunch. A Zero Pesticideā„¢ and Non-GMO produce from First Agro.

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