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Raw Mango

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  • Brand: First Agro
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First Agro’s Raw Mango is a seasonal summer introduction and grown as a Zero Pesticide™ produce. Raw Mango is high in both vitamins C and B, far more than when it is fully ripe. Raw Mango is high in pectin and starch, which eventually turns into glucose when the fruit is ripe. Mangoes contain healthy enzymes that are beneficial for digestion.

 Raw Mango can be used in a variety of ways. Diced Raw Mangoes can be added to both hot and cold dishes. Mangoes are a good addition to marinades and because of the different enzymes they contain, they are good tenderizing agents for steaks, poultry or pork. Grate Raw Mangoes for salads or slaws. Raw Mangoes are used in a traditional Indian dish called ‘pulusu’, a soup cooked with drumstick, curry leaves, tamarind and served over rice. Raw Mangoes should be used before they begin to ripen, which can be up to five days when the fruit is kept at room temperature. Prepared fruit should be refrigerated and used within a day or two.

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